Chelmsford TUC


2017 AGM

Chelmsford TUC, which was established in 1899, held its 117th AGM at the Unite office, Chelmsford on 1st February. The guest speaker was Hazel Perry, the Eastern Region’s representative on the TUC Joint Consultative Committee. Hazel outlined the work of her national committee and the way in which it worked within the TUC ‘family’. In doing so she emphasised its campaigning work against racism and how best we should promote trade unionism to young people. Hazel said that we needed to dispel the myths regarding strikes and our relationship with the Labour Party. Delegates then raised a number of issues including the benefits of social media and newsletters. After answering the points raised Hazel was thanked for her excellent address.

Delegates approved two motions regarding health & safety and community organising. The latter noted the growth in activity and influence of groups such as Citizens UK and Hope not Hate who both have a community organising style which encourages local people to get involved in issues - this style should be emulated by Trades Councils.

It was agreed to participate in Chelmsford Fairtrade’s Quiz Night on 25 March and the London demonstration for the NHS on 4th March. Delegates reported on the excellent local demonstration against the downgrading of the accident facilities at Broomfield Hospital, and will be attending the next organising meeting when further activities are to be planned.

The Officers elected for 2017 were: President, Malcolm Wallace. Vice-Chairs, Marion Wilson, Kevin Gallivant. Secretary, Andrew Coburn. Treasurer, Hazel Corby.