Chelmsford TUC


AGM 2013

Delegates to Chelmsford TUC held their AGM on 13 February. Those elected were: President: Colin Rolfe. Chairperson: Hazel Corby. Vice-Chairpersons: John Boreham, Marion Wilson, Jackie Scannell. Secretary: Andrew Coburn. Treasurer: Chris Habib. Malcolm Wallace, who has been Secretary of Chelmsford TUC since 1998, and a trades council delegate since 1965, was thanked for the contribution he has made to the movement.

Chris Habib was elected as delegate to the Annual Conference of Trades Councils at which two motions are to be submitted; one opposing blacklisting, the other calling for the removal of charitable status of all public schools.

Delegates were nominated to a wide range of national TUC committees. They also agreed to stage a performance of Banner Theatre’s production against the government’s cuts, to hold a rally on May Day and to have a wreath-laying ceremony on Workers’ Memorial Day.

During the evening Alison Davies, Essex Savers net Credit Union Ltd, gave a talk on the work of her organisation. It operates under the authority of the Financial Services Authority throughout Essex, Southend and Thurrock and was founded in 1998 in response to poverty and indebtedness.It provides an alternative to high street predatory lenders.

Alison explained that a credit union is a financial co-operative which is owned and controlled by its members. She then went on to explain how it operates and the wide range of services it provides. There are many full time community branches and service points and payments can be made through payroll deductions, paypoint/post offices or by pre-paid debit card.

Borrowing is always at competitive interest rates and there are no hidden charges nor is there a penalty for early repayment. There is a fixed interest rate and flexible repayment terms.

Essex Savers has over 3000 members and over 25 collection points throughout Essex. After answering a number of question Alison was thanked for her talk.