Chelmsford TUC



At the July meeting of Chelmsford TUC delegates received a report on the huge demonstration in Colchester against cuts to the NHS; a CD video has been made which can be seen on UTube. A further report came from their delegate to the Annual Conference of Trades Councils where their motions on defending the NHS and health and safety in the workplace were accepted. This Conference was held in Sunderland at the Stadium of Light, and was attended by 79 delegates.

Delegates were told about the AGM of the National Assembly of Women which took place in London. The subjects of the motions carried were the impact of austerity on children’s health and education, the plight of women and girl refugees, opposition to the policies of the far right, and the possible implications for women following Brexit.

Delegates agreed to invite a number of guest speakers to meetings over the coming months and noted that Banner Theatre has a new show currently on tour - ‘The Union Makes Us Strong’. Delegates agreed to promote a Kurdish Cultural Festival which is being held in Quorn, Leicestershire, on July 30. This has been organised by the General Federation of Trade Unions and some delegates have already registered their attendance.